Wave-shaped Abrasion Of Rails

- Jun 23, 2017-

Wave-shaped abrasion is the wave-like uneven abrasion on the top of the rail, which is essentially a wave-shaped crushing. Wave grinding can cause very high wheel-rail dynamic action, accelerate the damage of locomotive and rail parts, increase maintenance and repair costs; In addition, the severe vibration of the train will make passengers uncomfortable, serious will also threaten the driving safety; There is a serious wave mill on some freight trunk lines in China. Its development speed is faster than the side mill, and becomes the main reason for the change of track.

The wave mill can be divided into short wavelength (or ripple) and long wave (or wave). The ripple is wavelength of about 50 100mm, amplitude 0.1.4mm periodic irregularity; long wavelength is more than 100mm, 3000mm below, amplitude 2mm within the cyclical irregularity.

The wave mill mainly appears in the heavy load transportation line, especially in the coal transporting lines, which is very serious in the high-speed and high passenger line, and also has the different degree of occurrence, the city subway is also more common. On the railway with high train speed, corrugated wear is mainly occurred in the line and braking lots. The main wave wear on the heavy load transportation line with low speed is usually found in the curve lot. There are many factors which affect the development of rail wave mill, which are related to rail material, line and vehicle condition and so on. All countries in the world are devoted to the theoretical research on the cause of rail waveform abrasion. There are dozens of theories about the cause of Wave mill, which can be divided into two kinds: the motive theory and the non motive theory. In general, the dynamic effect is the external cause of rail wave grinding, and the properties of rail material are the internal factors of wave mill. In fact, it is very difficult to generalize all the causes of rail wave mill by analyzing one aspect, and it is necessary to take the vehicle and track as a system, study various kinds of vibration formation, and carry on the research of various and multidisciplinary subjects in order to grasp the whole picture of the cause of wave mill.

Grinding Rails is now the most effective measure to eliminate wave grinding. In addition to the following measures can slow the development of wave grinding: the use of continuous welding method to eliminate rail joints, improve the smoothness of the track; improved rail material using high-strength wear-resisting rails, improve the quality of heat treatment process, eliminate the residual stress of rail, improve the track quality, improve the track elasticity, and make the longitudinal and transverse elasticity continuously and evenly, keep the curve direction round, the super high setting reasonable, the external rail working side coating oil, the wheel and rail system should have enough resistance and so on.