The Correct Use Method Of Railway Turnout

- Sep 11, 2017-

Railway turnout is an important part of railway track, and its technical level reflects the development level of a national railway track. This paper points out the present situation and main problems of railway turnout in China, introduces the major features of the development of railway turnout in the world, and puts forward the main points of railway turnout development.

Railway turnout is a common railway accessories, in the normal operation of the railway, plays a vital role, the switch equipment is the main part of the railway turnout, below we understand what the correct use of railway turnout equipment. In the spring thaw thawing and before the winter, Railway Turnout because the temperature change is bigger, the railroad turnout sharp track before and after crawling, very easy to cause the railway turnout outside lock equipment fault. The external locking railway turnout motor is fixed on the steel pillow, and the steel pillow is connected with the basic rail, and the locking rod is connected with the sharp rail. Normally, Railway Turnout the motor action lever is in the same line as the locking lever of the external locking device. The switch of railway switch switch when the motor passes the action lever action to lock the closed pole traction Railroad turnout, due to the influence of temperature, in the high temperature when the tip of the rail generally crawling forward, when the temperature is lowered when the sharp rail crawl backward, in the case of fixed steel pillow, because of the sharp track crawling action rod and the lock is not a straight line, resulting in an angle, If the steel pillow is not fixed to move in the opposite direction, Railway Turnout the two-bar angle is greater. When the railway switches switch to the equipment, the conversion force is decomposed, which causes the conversion to be obstructed easily.

In addition, the following conditions exist:

1. Because the heart track itself has an angle, the heart track creeping affects the railway turnout locking force and unlocking force. When the heart track is crawling forward, due to the thickening of the base axle, it is bound to increase the locking and unlocking force, while crawling forward seriously will cause the first traction point locking and dovetail lock connection iron occurrence of grinding card, easy to occur railway turnout bad fault; conversely, Railway Turnout when the heart tracks crawl backward, it will reduce the tightness, prone to failure of the card mouth, At the same time, backward crawling serious, will make the second traction point of the heart rail and the outer locking bar between the distance to become smaller or even squeeze dead, so that the railway turnout can not be normal flip.

2. The heart track crawling can cause the heart rail pull plate and the external locking rod between the grinding card, under normal circumstances, the locking rod is on the top of the drawing plate, Railway Turnout and the railway switch switch is made by the arc motion of the pulling plate at the time of conversion, and the outer locking rod acts as a linear motion under the action lever. After the heart track crawl, if the external locking rod on the pull plate completely off or partial shedding, will make the two grinding cards, railway turnout can not be normal, Railway Turnout so in the temperature changes in the large must be combined treatment to eliminate the impact of crawling on the electrical equipment. Most of the methods to take the square steel pillow, so that the bar piece smooth to meet the standard, but also adjust A, B position to solve. All the weight of the sharp rail on the sliding board, if there is less contact with each other, the impact of the sharp rail gravity on a number of sliding board, the smaller the contact area friction resistance, will make the railway switch equipment conversion is not flexible, serious when blocked.

3. The rod connection iron Insulation is good, the external lock connects the iron and the expression rod to connect the iron insulation good, does not have the insulation to maintain has the 3mm above the clearance, Railway Turnout does not collide with other parts, the bolt fastens.

4. Check the railway turnout installation device switch machine shell without cracks, Railway Turnout the installation is firm, and lock effect is good.

5. Check tubing Road protection measures intact without damage, Railway Turnout not by ballast and other debris buried.

Railway Turnout classification:

1. Combination Railway turnout

2, 60kg/m $number can be tempted track single open railway turnout

3, five crosses nine crosses the railroad turnout

4.60kg/m $number Concrete pillow-crossing railway turnout

5.75kg/m $number Double Intersection railway turnout

6.60kg/m $number improved crossing line railway turnout

7, 60kg/m $number Speed-up Railway turnout

8, 60kg/m $number speed-up Railway turnout