Railway Turnout Is An Important Part Of The Railway Track

- Oct 09, 2017-

Railway turnout is an essential part of the railway track when the locomotive is required to transfer or cross another rail from an orbit. Usually in the station, marshalling station a large number of laying. With the railway turnout, you can give full play to the capacity of the line. Even if the single-track railway, Railway Turnout the laying of railway turnout, build a section of the length of the cable than the cable, you can off the train. Due to the large number of railway turnout, complex structure, short service life, limited train speed, low driving safety, large maintenance and maintenance characteristics, and curves, joints and called the track of the three weak links. It has three basic forms: the line connection, cross, connection and cross the combination. Commonly used lines are connected with various types of single-type railway turnout and duplex railway turnout; Railway Turnout crossed with straight cross and diamond-shaped cross; connection and cross combination of crossroads and crossroads.

Railway turnout is to ensure that the safety of the locomotive vehicles, many types of equipment, the number is more difficult to count.One of the most common and the largest number is a single open turnout, it can straight row and fork running on the train Even if the train from the straight into the fork, or from the fork into the straight road in addition to single open anger, there are double open, three open railway turnout.The former will be straight and two symmetrical fork connected, Railway Turnout the latter can be straight Straight line or branch to two different fork.

Railway turnout with manual, electric and pneumatic and other different way to pull the hand to pull a railway turnout also have the strength and skills.

A railway turnout is a railway facility used to transfer a running vehicle from one railway to another.

Railway turnout mainly consists of the following parts,

(1) the turning part. The rupture part is mainly composed of a switch, a pointed orbit. It is used to control the vehicle to a certain direction of the railway up the railway turnout of the guide mechanism.

(2) connection part. The connecting part is mainly composed of the basic rail, the track (rail) and so on. It is the connection between the rut and the frog.

(3) frog part. The frog part is mainly composed of frogs and guard rails. Frogs are two railroad rails that cross each other to allow the wheels to pass through the rails that cross each other. Railway Turnout Fence rails installed in the frog on both sides of the opposite side of the basic track, the purpose is to ensure that the vehicle smoothly through the rupture.

(4) other parts: the other part of the main parts of the railway turnout by the fastener, rail plate, slide plate and sleepers and other components.