Railway Turnout Is An Important Part Of Railway Track

- Aug 31, 2017-

Railway turnout is an essential part of the railway track when the locomotive is required to transfer or cross another rail from an orbit. Usually in the station, marshalling station a large number of laying. With the railway turnout, you can give full play to the capacity of the line. Even if the single-track railway, the laying of railway turnout, build a section more than the length of the fork line, you can off the train. Because the railway turnout has the characteristics of quantity, complex structure, short service life, limited train speed, low driving safety, Railway Turnout large maintenance and maintenance input, and the curve, the joint is called the track of the three weak links. It has three basic forms: the line connection, cross, connection and cross the combination. Commonly used in the connection of various types of single-type railway turnout and duplex railway turnout; Railway Turnout cross with a straight cross and diamond-shaped cross; connection and cross the combination of crossroads and cross-crossing lines.

The Structure and Meaning of Railway Turnout

We all know that the structure of the railway turnout is very complicated, and the type of more, is also used on the railway is very wide, the advantages of turnout Ye Hao, Railway Turnout the defect is also good, turnout is on the railway can not be ignored a railway accessories The

There are three basic forms of railway turnout: that is, the connection of the line, the intersection, the connection and the cross is the combination of the turnout and the crossing line.

For the railway turnout, the commonly used line connection has various types of single-type turnout and duplex turnout; crossed with straight cross and diamond-shaped cross; connection and cross combination of cross-turn and crossing crossing. The most common is the ordinary single turnout. It consists of a switch, connecting part, Railway Turnout frog and guard rail three units. The switch includes basic rails, sharp rails and rutting machines. When the locomotive vehicles from the A-share channel into the B-share channel, the manipulation of the rutting machine to make the tip of the track moving position, the tip of the track 1 paste the basic track 1, sharp rail 2 from the basic rail 2, so open the B shares, Closed the A-share road, Railway Turnout the locomotive entered the connecting part along the guide rail transition to the frog and the guard rail unit. This unit consists of a fixed frog heart, wing rail and guard rail, the role is to protect the wheels through the cross between the two trajectories.

Railway turnout, we have also found that the wheel through the frog, from the narrowest of the two wing rails to the rudimentary heart of the most cutting between the gap, Railway Turnout which is the turn of the harmful space. When the wheel passes here, it may be possible to derailment due to the wrong groove. The purpose of setting the guard rail is also here, it is necessary to force the direction of the wheel to guide the operation.

Railway Turnout Although this is the case, the harmful space or limit the speed of the train through a certain high-speed train for the operation is not very favorable, so now all walks of life are constantly turning research and exploration.