Railway Turnout Is A Special Track Equipment

- Oct 18, 2017-

Railway turnout is a track branch of two or more than two tracks, so that the locomotive vehicle from one line to another line of basic settings. The railroad turnout number uses the crossing number to express, the fork heart work side angle of intersection, is called the Frog Corner, the cotangent value of the frog angle is called the frog.

Commonly used railway turnout is divided into single open railway turnout, symmetrical railway turnout, duplex intersection railway turnout and intersection line. Railway turnout is a special track equipment, Railway Turnout which not only affects the safety of train operation, Railway Turnout but also has shorter service life than other equipments, and the maintenance work of the site is large.

China's most commonly used single-open railway turnout, 40008 Liu 0537 its main line is straight lines, the lateral side by the mainline left or right fork out, Railway Turnout also known as left-open railway turnout and right open railway turnout, the number of various types of railway turnout accounted for more than 90%.

Characteristics of railway turnout

Railway turnout is one of the common railway accessories, movable frog single open railway turnout is a kind of, refers to the individual parts of the frog can be moved, with what card train over poor track line continuous, eliminate the single open railway turnout fixed frog on the existence of harmful space, Railway Turnout and can cancel the guard rail, At the same time, single-open railway turnout in the longitudinal section of the geometry of the smooth can also be greatly reduced, thus significantly reducing the single open railway turnout point of the wheel-rail interaction, improve operation and stability, prolong the life of the Frog fork.

Long-term operation practice shows that the life of the track fork can be $number times of the same type of high manganese steel, and the maintenance work volume is reduced by 40%, which greatly reduces the impact force of locomotive and vehicle passing, Railway Turnout and improves the allowable speed and comfort degree of single opening railway turnout.

A railroad turnout is a branch of connection and cross equipment that enters or exceeds another line by a line branch. Railway turnout is an important part of railway track structure.

The proportion of railway turnout and the line is different with the railway volume and density. China is one of the countries with large railway volume and density, so the number of railway turnout is more. According to annual statistics, China has a total of railway turnout near the group, Railway Turnout the average per kilometer group, the average line of 1.8 groups per kilometer.

On the railway turnout, there are some complex conditions that are not on the ordinary track. For example, fixed frog existence rail line interruption, sharp rail, guard rail and wing rail impact angle far greater than the curve track, railway turnout area of the track of vertical and transverse stiffness change is much higher than ordinary track. The force of the wheel and rail is much higher than that of the ordinary line when the locomotive is passing the railway turnout. Therefore, the railway turnout part of the maintenance workload is more than the same length of the general track, and the main components of the railway turnout is shorter than the ordinary track. Railway Turnout For these reasons, railway turnout is always considered to be a weak link in the track of railway turnout maintenance festival, and often is the impact of driving safety and limit the speed of driving a major reason, Railway Turnout but also we put railway turnout maintenance

Railway turnout equipment includes railway turnout, intersection, railway turnout and cross combination, and other rail equipment.