Railway Brake System Is Highly Safe

- Aug 31, 2017-

The high speed of the train group will give a series of questions about the railway braking system capacity and smooth operation of the train. (The train braking system energy of the train group is more than four times that of the ordinary train due to the square of the railway railway braking system energy and the speed.) Therefore, the performance and composition of the railway train system of the train group, Railway Brake System And our current passenger train is completely different.

The high-speed train fleet must be equipped with a high-efficiency and high-safety railway braking system that provides the means of speeding and stopping the railway braking system for normal operation of the train; and in the event of an accident or other necessary, Railway Brake System Moving system distance. In general, the train group's railway braking system should have the following characteristics:

One, high security

High-speed train group railway braking system system of railway braking system with strong, fast response, with a very high security; Railway Brake System in the structure of the specific performance in the following two aspects:

(A) the use of electric and air joint railway braking system model, electric railway braking system priority, and generally equipped with anti-skid device. The combination of the electric railway brake system and the air rail brake system ensures that the train has sufficient force on the railway brake system at a large speed range and that the installation of the anti-skid device allows the adhesion between the wheel and rail to be fully utilized Effectively shortening the railway braking system distance. Electric railway braking system is easy to use because of easy control, and can greatly reduce the air rail brake system components wear, Railway Brake System and therefore be given priority.

(B) control the use of electronic control, through or computer control of electrical instructions and other sensitive and rapid system. These devices make the reaction of the railway braking system more rapid and further shorten the distance of the railway braking system.

Second, the control is accurate

The railway braking system is controlled by computer. It can provide the necessary railway brake system force to ensure the accurate operation of the train. Railway Brake System The model of the compound railway braking system is designed reasonably to make the different types of railway braking system The combination of the role.

Third, high comfort

The time and deceleration of the railway train system of the high-speed train group is much larger than that of the ordinary passenger train, so the corresponding measures are taken to improve the longitudinal comfort of the passenger's ride. The average deceleration of the railway braking system, Railway Brake System the maximum deceleration and the longitudinal impulse Indicators are higher than ordinary passenger trains. The main measures taken are:

(A) the use of computer-controlled electrical command railway braking system can achieve the optimal control of the railway braking system process, and to improve the average deceleration while minimizing the deceleration rate of change;

(B) to reduce the train in different vehicles, Railway Brake System the difference between the railway braking system forces to ease the longitudinal impact between vehicles.

(3) The anti-skid device can also avoid the abrasion of the wheel tread surface due to insufficient adhesion between the wheel and rail, and then prevent the smooth running of the train, improve the ride comfort, Railway Brake System and avoid the additional stress on the axle and other components.

Fourth, high reliability

(A) the use of "fail-safe" mechanism (fail-safe), in order to railway braking system system failure, to the safe direction.

Such as high-speed train group is generally equipped with air rail brake system, computer-controlled electric railway brake system and computer network three railway brake system control mode. Railway Brake System In normal operation, the computer network control and transmission of all the vehicles of the railway brake system information. When the control system fails, it can automatically switch to the action of the electric railway brake system. In the event of an electrical fault or an electric railway brake system failure, it is possible to rely on a pure air railway brake system to ensure the railway braking system distance in an undesirable state.

In addition, in the high-speed train group computer control of the railway brake system control process requires a lot of information input, digital operation and output instructions, in order to prevent failure, in the design of the command system also consider the corresponding reliability measures.

(B) the "fool-proof" design, so that unskilled operators can also reliably implement the functions of the railway braking system.

Fifth, easy maintenance

The train group in the design of the development of the fault can be self-diagnostic self-diagnostic function, and reduce the wear parts, greatly reducing the maintenance workload.

Six, the railway brake system device lightweight

The railway braking system uses a modular design and improves and integrates railway brake system components for small and lightweight.

Such as high-speed train group can be air rail brake system of electrical - air - hydraulic way into electrical - hydraulic direct conversion mode, eliminating the auxiliary air cylinder, booster cylinder and a large number of air piping; to achieve small and lightweight, can reduce the quality About 2/3. Also, for example, Railway Brake System in the air train brake system control device of the train group, the various valves and doors are centrally mounted in front of the aluminum alloy mounting plate to reduce the quality and reduce the maintenance and maintenance work