Rail Side Abrasion

- Jun 23, 2017-

The lateral abrasion occurs on the outer strand rail of the small radius curve, and is one of the main types of the damage on the curve. When the train is running on the curve, the friction and sliding of the wheel and rail are the root cause of the lateral grinding of the external rail. When a train passes through a small radius curve, there is usually a two-point wheel-rail contact, when the side mill is the largest. The size of the side mill can be expressed by the product of the body force and the impact angle, that is, the abrasion factor. To improve the conditions of the train passing curve, such as the use of wear-type wheel tread, the use of radial bogies, etc. will reduce the rate of side grinding.

From the point of view of works, should improve rail material, wear-resistant rail, such as high hard rare earth rail its wear resistance is common rail of about twice times, quenching rail is more than 1 time times.

The effect of side abrasion can be reduced by strengthening maintenance, setting suitable gauge, high external rail and rail bottom slope, increasing the elasticity of the line and applying oil on the side of the rail.