Dog Spike/track Spike/cut Track Spikes On Sale

- Oct 26, 2017-

Rail spike (rail nail) is also called track spike, dog spike.  These dog spikes are used in wooden sleepers.  We supply dogs spikes according to DIN/GOST/AREMA/GB/TB standard, material used for dog spikes are mild steel, alloy steel is used with special requirements.

The 5/8” * 6” track spike is widely used in the USA market.  This kind of track spikes are packed in 100lb or 200lb mental kegs.  Besides 5/8”*6”, various sizes are available for all rail track application, such as 5/8”*5 1/2”, 5/8” *6 1/2”, 3/8”*3”, 3/8”*3 1/2”..

For other international markets, the mostly used sizes are 16*16*165mm, 16*16*170mm, 16*16*150mm

The dog spikes used in Australia are mostly 16mm and 19mm steel dog spikes with square shanks and 22mm diameter round shank steel dog spikes for use with steel rails.  Dog spikes are produced by hot or cold forging, with or without a second heat or post-forging heat treatment, and with or without secondary machining.

Dog spikes shall be free from harmful cracks, ragged egges, or other mechanical defects detrimental to their end use, including extraction from the sleeper.

The shank of the finished dog spikes should be capable of being bent cold through 180 degrees around a pin of diameter not greater than 1.5 times the size of the shank of the dog spike without cracking on the outside of the bent portion.