Safety code for handling and handling of sleeper

- Jun 23, 2017-

Safety code for handling and handling of sleeper

1. Sleeper road transport should be used with fixed-frame vehicles, transport vehicles should be compatible with the size of the sleeper, loading layer not more than 6 floors, after loading should be lashing firmly, to prevent the transport of displacement.

2. Sleeper Railway transportation shall be loaded according to the loading plan approved by the railway department.

3. When loading, each pile of sleeper plug between two triangular wedges to prevent the sleeper transport process collision, damage.

4. The carrying sleeper shall comply with the following provisions:

(1) Carrying concrete pillow should be 4 people, bridge Pillow, fork pillow and so on should increase the carrying personnel.

(2) carry the sleeper, hang pillow should be solid, carry the movement should be smooth, place the pace should be consistent.

(3) Single carrying sleepers should have fixed personnel shoulder. When you arrive at a designated location, you should first place the sleepers at one end, make the sleepers erect, then put down, and not shrug and throw, avoid bumping into others.

5. Sleeper unloading, not to touch, bump, fall, twist, avoid endangering equipment and personal safety.

6. Buckle parts handling process should not be thrown, avoid wounding.