Model selection of railway turnout

- Jun 23, 2017-

Turnout is a common railway accessories, different lines should be used in the design of different types of turnout, below we will understand what the line should correspond to the number of turnouts.

1. The High speed line and the single opening switch connected to the hair line should adopt the 80km 18th high speed turnout with lateral allowable passing speed.

2. To the hair line and to the wire connection should adopt the side to allow the speed of the 80km of the 18th single switch. No. 12th turnout can be used at individual stations where all or most of the trains are parked, and in particular difficult conditions for the expansion of large stations.

3. The station throat area two positive line crosses the line to use the side to allow the speed to pass the 80km high speed turnout. No. 12th turnout can be used under the difficult condition of enlarging large station.

4. The contact line and the high speed connecting turnout shall be determined according to the maximum passing speed of the train, and the high-speed turnout with lateral allowable speed of 160km H or lateral allowable speed of H is adopted.

5. Train, maintenance and repair trains, such as walking line on the line to the connection should be used not less than No. 12th turnout.

6. Located in the Motor Vehicle Section (the) to the end of the car park to reach (departure) of the foreign turnout, it is advisable to use No. 12th turnout, difficult conditions can be used 9th turnout;