How to install a crane rail for your overhead crane or gantry crane?

- Jan 20, 2018-

In engineering, crane rail installation is a between mechanical and civil engineering field. The stand or fall of crane rail installation directly affect operation quality of the crane. Dongqi crane rail is according to client’s request, according to the situation of geological design laid, foundation and bearing capacity of the orbit should be able to meet the requirements of the scene, at the same time to have good grounding line, to ensure the safety of the electricity.

Crane rail

Crane rail includes crane steel rail, track steel rail, square rail. At the top of the rail is convex, the bottom is the tablet which has a certain width, increase the contact area with the base; Cross section of the orbit for i-section, has a good bending strength.

Crane rail, Track rail, Square steel rail

Crane rail supporting methods

steel structure beam

concrete preformed beam

The crane rail joint connection

1. Crane rail joint seam, general is 1 ~ 2 mm, installed in cold areas or when the temperature is lower than the perennial use temperature and differ in more than 20 ℃, temperature compensation gap should be considered, it is advisable to take 4 ~ 6 mm.

2. Crane rail can be joint with straight head, also can be made into 45 ° Angle bevel joint, inclined joint can make the wheel in a smooth transition joint.

3. Two rail lateral joint dislocation and height difference shall be less than 1 mm.

4. Preparation before welding. Before the crane rail welding joint, carefully clean up the groove and the nearby oil contamination, rust, etc, until metallic luster.

5. Welded rail connection sequence is from bottom up, after the first rail waist rail, rail head, one by one step by step a way for surfacing, around the last repair.

6. The matters needing attention in the process of crane rail welding.

In each layer of welding when the wave, especially in the welds crane rail bottom of each layer of welding wave, should use one finish electrode welding, avoid or move between electrode and arc breaking, 2 layer before and after welding the welds should be the opposite direction of the wave; Each crane rail joint welding work shall be carried out continuously, in order to keep the end of the rail welding at high temperatures (300 ℃ ~ 350 ℃). After welding, when the eliminating stress before has not been cooling after heat treatment, must prevent the rain wet; Heat the copper plate can be removed with water cooling, in order to use the next time.

7. Rail connection smooth processing

Crane rail welding joint is eliminating stress after heat treatment and cooling to the atmospheric temperature, the track on the surface of the top and sides of weld smooth processing. When welding bulge is too large, with a grinding wheel polishing machine polishing processing, until flush with rail head, finally will surface grinding.

Requirements to track beam before tack laying

Crane rail requirements for the concrete beam

1. Track beam must ensure that when producing the reserved along the beam transverse and longitudinal bolt hole position deviation in 5 mm or less, bolt hole diameter is bigger than the bolt diameter 2 ~ 7 mm, flat beam top surface requirement, but shall not wipe smooth.

 2. The installation of the track beam deviation must meet the following requirements, or to adjust track beam before allowing the leveling in concrete

Beam center of design positioning axis deviation of 5 mm or less.

Beam top surface elevation to the design elevation deviation of 10 mm to 5 mm.

Beam on the reserved bolt hole and reserved bolt to the center of the beam displacement deviation of 5 mm or less.

3. Concrete leveling layer construction requirements

Concrete leveling layer thickness is 30 ~ 50 mm.

Concrete leveling layer before construction should be required to check the installation of the track beam deviation, such as do not conform to the requirements, you should adjust the track beam.

According to the track on the surface of the beam the measured elevation, determine a suitable concrete leveling layer top surface control level, on the track beam every 2.4 ~ 3.0 m to set up a control elevation datum.

Use instrument to measure, adjust the benchmark level, set at the top of the screed-coat elevation datum line, and then install the template, clear track beam top surface and sundry, bolt hole and the bolt hole flowing plug, then spraying concrete after water wetting.

Leveling layer top surface must be leveling calender, can’t have stones exposed and concave uneven phenomenon, on the surface are not allowed to use the method of cement mortar leveling.

In construction of concrete with mechanical agitation, should strengthen the maintenance, when the concrete block 75% strength design value, can track installation work.