Concrete provisions on laying of railway turnout

- Jun 23, 2017-

The rail surface of the turnout should be consistent with the rail surface of the main line of the connection, and the rail surface of the other front is poor, which can be connected from the normal sleeper after the turnout to the range of the police punching mark. The turnout shall be laid in accordance with the current standard drawing or design plan and shall conform to the following provisions:

1. The pitch of the fork in the rail joint at the turnout shall be the same as the spacing of the sleepers at the same rail joint at the interval track and the center of the gap between the rails. The bifurcated pillow of a single switch should be Chinzi on the lateral side of the straight strand.

2. Switch-laying switches must be flexible. Tip Rail tips should be affixed with basic track. The minimum moving should of the first connecting rod: The straight-pointed rail is the 142mm, the curved-tip track is this 152mm, the elastic can bend the sharp axle is 180mm.

3. Turnout to pave the allowable deviation of the gauge: A control lock on the tip of the rail should be Chine 1mm, the other parts should be Permi, Beng 2mm. The speeding interval shall not be less than 1391mm. The back distance must not be greater than 1348mm.